Exhibiting Advice - 10 Cunning Ways To Make Sure You Sell More At Your Stand

Organising an exhibition for the first time? Don't know where to start? What do you need to consider and how can you get the ball rolling? Below are some basic ideas to guide you in some of the areas you might want to start thinking about in preparation for organising an exhibition stand at an event.

A shell scheme is perhaps the most basic type of Exhibition Stands Builders Dubai format - two walls at a right angle, one shorter side wall and one longer "back" wall. All by themselves, they are plain and a little bit boring.

When your exhibition stands are designed just for you, they can serve as branding tools. They make others notice you and remember you so eventually they may trust you and make you a little richer.

Some of the smaller considerations are here often the ones which can create issues on the day of the Exhibition Stands Designers. Who will ensure all laptops are fully charged, working and set up for your display on the day?

Realising that they needed to impress if they were going to get the most out of the exhibition, they chose the popular Prodir DS3 pen. I have written extensively with these pens and they really write smoothly. They also have the added bonus of always being made to order.

You should expect to see a PDF sample of any special shapes. If time allows, you could even ask to see an actual sample to hold and squeeze before the whole order is manufactured.

You could just purchase good quality t-shirts and hand out pens to visitors. Alternatively you might like the idea of giving away large heavy-duty, reusable bags that match your corporate colours and are printed with your logo.

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